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The Partners
 Andrew Durman LLB
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"Thank you for your patience and kindness over my Mother's affairs. We couldn't have done it without you." Mrs M. 
We encourage acceptance of our offer
of a face to face meeting with the Executor(s) or where there is no Will, the Deceased's next of kin, to ascertain the size and nature of the Estate and any special circumstances that might exist in order to provide as accurate an estimate as possible at that stage on
the likely legal fees in dealing with the administration of the Estate, with no obligation whatsoever. This meeting is usually limited to twenty minutes and carries no charge.
Telephone us on 020 8651 3118 to
 speak to one of our Solicitors today.
Manchesters Probate Service
We offer a comprehensive probate service concentrating on non-contentious probate matters and aim to provide helpful and considerate advice at  the most difficult of times. Contact us for a no obligation initial interview. Competitive written fees quotations and other client care information available upon request.
We can provide guidance where someone dies leaving a Will or no Will and the rules and procedures that then apply.
We can advise in relation to the following matters which arise in the course of a typical probate matter:
• Identifying  and securing assets
• Interpretation of Wills
• Application of the rules where one dies without
   having made a Will
• Advising Executors and Trustees as to their
   obligations and how to protect themselves
• Assist in completing the relevant tax returns on
  death, advise on how inheritance tax may be
  raised and paid, and in applying for the Grant
  of Representation (the authority used by the
  Executor or the Administrator to collect in and
  distribute assets)
• Assist in maintaining accounts for the
   administration period and advise on tax
   related issues occurring as a result of a death
• Preparation of estate accounts, cash accounts
   and distribution accounts and the
   safeguarding of the proceeds of sale of various
   assets before they are ultimately distributed

Client care information: Wills and Probate and Our Probate Charges and Typical Non-Legal Fees 
Click here for for our Client Care Information on Wills and Probate matters.
Click here for a summary of our probate charges for non-contentious probate matters and typical disbursements such as court
What happens on an intestacy?
Contact one of our Solicitors to discuss. A no obligation initial appointment is offered to discuss. Please telephone to enquire on:


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Our partners
 Andrew Durman LLB
 James Manchester LLB