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The Partners
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"Thank you so much for all your endeavours and efficiency. Our family is very appreciative of all you have done over the past weeks." Mrs J.
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Our Residential Conveyancing Service

We can arrange useful buyer expenses protection insurance in residential purchases worth up to £2,000 for a small one off premium of £66. Call our James Manchester for more information before you part with any money on your intended purchase.
We can provide a range of conveyancing services, including transfers of equity, re-mortgages, unregistered land transactions, and option agreements, concentrating on residential conveyancing and lease extensions. We are dedicated to protecting our Clients. You should seek legal advice as soon as you consider selling or buying and avoid committing yourself in any way before doing so. If you are a buyer, or, for example, involved in a transfer of equity, or you are re-mortgaging, the papers will need to be checked and your move managed, particularly timing your sale and purchase to coincide, where necessary.
We aim to make your moving day go as smoothly and as swiftly as possible, Monday to Friday.
Contact James Manchester for a written fees quotation and a list of the likely payments to others.
This summary indicates the work included in our conveyancing fees. For unmarried purchasers we offer a Trust Deed and Will writing service, if required. Trust Deeds (an agreement to regulate how a couple owns and uses a property) are recommended for all buyers who are unmarried or not in a civil partnership and a basic one starts from £150 plus vat of £30. 

Click here for Buyer Protect Insurance details and our note on it on the last page.
Extending your residential Lease
We can tell you if you can extend your Lease which may increase its value, saleability and improve its value for lending purposes. Then we can arrange it all for you.
We can provide you with a no obligation quote for extending your lease either in the case of a non-contentious lease extension where the matter involves preparing and agreeing the lease extension documentation and registering it at the Land Registry or in the case of a potentially contentious lease extension where we are asked to advise in connection with a tenant's statutory right to extend a lease and also prepare the necessary notices and deal with the relevant correspondence in connection with that. Ultimately if the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal is asked by a tenant and landlord to resolve issues relating to lease extension resulting in new lease terms then we can assist with the legal formalities of setting out those terms in a new document, dealing with the stamp duty return,  and registering the new lease at the Land Registry.
Residential Lettings Service
Let us find a tenant for you. We can advise you and prepare the relevant paperwork. We offer a range of terms from introduction only to full management; please refer to our client care information on this site for more details.
Some other matters to consider
  •   Option agreements
  •   Private mortgages
  •   Transfers of equity
  •   Re-mortgages
  •   Joint Ownership
  •   Competitively priced EPC arranged by us
Some questions
 "How can I protect my contribution to a property where I am buying with another?"
 "What will happen to my interest in my property when I die?"
 "How do joint owners resolve disputes in relation to the property they own together and can anything be put in place before they purchase to regulate matters?"
 "What if my co-owner loses mental capacity? What happens then and can anything be done in anticipation of that happening?"
 "Is it necessary to make a Will when I buy a property?"
 "Can I record the fact that I do not intend to own any equity in my child's property merely be named on the mortgage, particularly for capital gains tax purposes?"
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